Affordable Spa Packages in Bethpage, NY

At Fantastic Day Spa, we offer an impressive selection of facials to exfoliate, smooth, and cleanse your skin. Our facials are completely natural and safe, and each will leave your pores feeling new and fresh. If you have any questions about our prices or products, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to answer any of your questions or schedule your appointment.


Express Facial -
35 min. $55 

Best for those with limited time, the mini version of our customized facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, massage and the application of a mask suited to your skin type. Steaming and extraction of impurities is not included.

For all skin types
Teenage Facial -
50 min. $70

Invigorating and refreshing! This facial address the special needs of the teen's skin, treating and caring for breakout, oiliness, as well as sensitivity. We carefully cleanse and gently purify clogged pores, then lightly hydrate the skin. The procedures promote a clear, healthy, and glowing complexion.
Deep Cleansing Facial -
60 min. $85

This customized facial includes cleansing, natural exfoliation white aromatic steaming are used to ease the extraction(blackheads & whiteheads and other impurities), high frequency treatment to reducing pimples and blackheads. A soothing antibacterial is included, follow with the application of a mask suited to your skin type. Then Eye Contour Corrector is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and provides a brighter outlook for more youthful-looking eye and lip contours. (Also come with relaxing face and shoulder massage.)

For all skin types.
Men's Facial -
60 min. $90

Men's skin care for him is scientifically designed to address the distinct differences of men's skin. Precisely formulated, the program is proven effective to: Desensitized skin, soothe irritability, prevent inflammation, smooth wrinkles, strengthen elasticity and re-hydrate
Back Skin Treatment -
60 min. $90

This is an intensive treatment for acne, blackhead and whitehead on the back. It clarifies and softens the skin, corrects and rehabilitates of the scars while providing a deep moisturizing which will leave you with a healthy, glowing back.
G. M. Bio Organique -
65 min. $105

Wrap yourself in the soothing citrus and bergamot aroma of the Bio Organique Clinical Treatment that gently enriches your skin while providing immediate and long-lasting hydration for a purely radiant complexion. It is an especially proficient treatment for dehydrated, dull, sensitive or rosacea-prone skin, and provides a relaxing, calming effect.
G. M. Algomask + Facial -
70 min. $115

Deep cleansing Facial + AlgoMask: An enriched thermo-cooling effect treatment that provides remarkably instant radiance by hydrating, soothing, decongesting and brightening the skin while visibly minimizing redness.

Ideal for dehydrated/ sensitive, rosacea and acne-prone conditions.
G.M. Hydrate & Lifting Facial -
75 min. $125

This clinical skin care is recognized for its powerful moisturizing and immediately visible firming and lifting effect. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for more radiant skin.

For all skin types
G.M. Vitamin C Antioxidant Facial -
80 min. $135

An anti-aging skin care designed to delay the visible signs of aging and to rejuvenate the skin. Turn back time with this powerful antioxidant treatment incorporating a Vitamin C concentrate, algae biomatrix patches and thermal organic mud mask.. Reduces 1hc appearance of lines and wrmkles, evens out the skin tone and illuminates the skin. Ideal for people who live in urban environments with elevated pollution levels.  

(Not recommended for irritated, dehydrated and/or sensitive skin, or on rosacea-pronc skin.)
G.M. Puracne Oxygen Facial -
90 min. $135

A revolutionary oxygenating acne 1rcatmcnt designed to clear skin congestion. detoxify, rcvitali7e fatigued. stressed and dull skin. Formulated with a unique Oxygen Complex, it controls acne and hydrates in depth. Even-out and brightens the complexion. The skin becomes luminous, healthy and younger looking. 

 For oily or acne-prone skin, For maximum efficiency, one treatment a week is recommended for up to five consecutive weeks.

G.M. Collagen 90 II Anti-Wrinkle Facial -
90 min. $140

A world renowned anti-aging treatment, collagen 90 II uses 95% pure Polymerized Lyophilized Native Collagen. It provides intense re-hydration and cellular regeneration. Used on a regular basis, Collagen 90-11 promotes optimum skin conditionsto subdue the appearance of visible signsof aging.

For all skin types
Microdermabrasion Treatment -
90 min. $150

-Microdermabrasion procedure+ extraction + collagen
The current state-of-the-art aesthetic skin exfoliating treatment without a surgeon. This safe and comfortable process accelerates the loss of rough, dry surface skin. New and healthier skin cells are speeded into production while you enjoy the look and feel of a beautifully polished complexion. Each treatment is complimented with our exclusive Vitamin C + Collagen Hydrating We recommend a specific program of treatments, each according to client cOndtQODS, results and goals, in order to achieve the maximum benefits from thisremarkabl
Botinol Treatment -
90 min. $170

This treatment is the most efTective\nt i-aging actions. It prevents, fine lines of expression caused by micro-contractions of the skin, Botinol facial increases collagen of elastin synthesis, fight free radicals, detoxify and even out skin tone. After just one treatment, superficial and deep wrinkles are improved and skin appears plumper.

For all skin types
Valmont Facial Ritual
Hydration Ritual

Dehydration is a universal phenomenon affecting all skins. The lack of water becomes worse with age and quickly becomes an aggravating factor of cutaneous aging. With each passing day, the fine lines of dehydration become deep and intimidating wrinkles cover the face. To soften these manifestations, Valmont created the Source of Bisses treatment. This absolute must of a treatment will leave your skin feeling as fresh as morning dew.
Energy Ritual

The impact of stress, pollution and the high demands of modern life progressively mark the skin. One day after another, the complexion becomes dull and lackluster; it looses freshness because the cells are deprived of oxygen and nutrients. With the Vitality of the Glaciers treatment, a booster of cellular renewal, Valmont offers the skin a genuine rejuvenation.
Anti-Wrinkles and Firmness Ritual

With the passing of days, the bumps and curves in your face will tend to become deeper and your facial contours more severely marked. Ajthough wrinkles and the loss of firmness are unavoidable, their appearance and intensity can be visibly reduced. To delay or prevent the most visible signs of aging, Valmont demonstrates all its know-how in the Peaks of Firmness treatment, a resolutely anti- wrinkle and firming treatment.

• Express: $110 • Complete: $215 • Intensive: $245
Facial Add-Ons
Eye Treatment - 20 min. $40

This treatment intensively smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, minimize puffiness, dark circles on the fragile eye zone. Excellent for reduces congestion, stress and fatigue while combating the signs of aging,
Professional Chemical Peel - $40

This exceptional clinical treatment delivers fast, visible and long-lasting result. It promotes intense exfoliation of the skin’s surface layers, improves the skin’s texture.
ANTI-AGING SERIES: Increase cell renewal, reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles Diminish Hyperpig-mentation Treat Flaky skin
ACNE SERIES: Treat Acne concerns, Brighten the Complexion
Microdermabrasion Procedure - $70
Collagen Mask - $30
Algo Mask - $35
Pore Extraction - $35
Bliss® Fabulips Lip Treatment - $30

Get full, healthy, beautiful lips that look ‘pout’-of-this-world.
Valmont Medical Grade Collagen Upgrades
The Valmont collagen mask comes in the form of a sheet made of 100% pure and native collagen. Extracted from Argentinean beef, this collagen was selected for its amazing similarity to human collagen. It instantly and durably improves skin hydration. It also significantly reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
Face - $100

A “biological facelift.” Thanks to its combination of active ingredients, it helps reactivate the skin’s deficient natural functions.
Eye Regenerating Mask - $55 

EYE REGENERATING MASK formula instantly relieves and refreshes the eye contour area. It contains drainage-enhancing agents to reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness and dark circles, helping restore more radiant-looking eyes.
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